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What's In It For You

Internal Revenue

The generation of a consistent income allows the store/centre to generate funds for various in house facilities and promotions.

Our car wash is also discounted by 20% for all staff wishing to benefit from the service.

No other hand car wash company employs such a professional code of conduct and this should be seen as a benefit for any landlord.

Crime Prevention

We guarantee that by having our car washing facility on site as an extension of the existing customer service program the superstore/shopping centre involved will experience a dramatic decline in crime and vandalism in the car park. Our high visibility in the car park is considered to be the ultimate deterrent for casual crime, and a benefit that you cannot fail to ignore.

The benefit of having us on site at different times means that you save on site security overheads and our operators act as a deterrent for any potential vandalism.

Sales Benefits

There is no doubt that locations offering a professional hand car wash service to their customers are preferable to those that neglect to respond to this demand from their customers.

The pressures of working schedules alongside fastidious social diaries do not allow customers time for the traditional 'Sunday car clean'. Quality time is limited and therefore people value these time-saving facilities, shopping and hand car washing is definitely attractive as a one-stop shopping concept. This will inevitably be the way forward.

This will eventually secure customers from much of the competition resulting in enhanced and increased sales.

Customer Service Benefits

The provision of our hand car wash will secure you a unique selling point over and above the competition. We are also instrumental in keeping your car park clean and free from litter in a more consistent fashion than if we were not present in the car park.
By the way in which each operator manages his space, it is conditional as part of their management program that he keeps his respective trading area free from litter therefore enhancing the customers first impressions of your store.

  • We will ensure we assist with the tidying of stray shopping trolleys during quiet periods. Again saving on expensive overheads.

  • We will ensure the cleanliness of the baby seats on the shopping trolleys, one of the biggest complaints many stores tell us they have.

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